Mediclinic Renal Services clinics take innovative, expert kidney care to where it’s needed most.

Mediclinic’s continuum of care is expanding, with a new series of four dedicated dialysis clinics and centres in outlying areas. 

Kidney disease is a chronic condition that requires ongoing, specialist care. For those who live in some of South Africa’s outlying areas, that care can be inaccessible – with potentially dire consequences. 

Thanks to a new merger with BGM Renal Care, a specialist local dialysis treatment company, Mediclinic will establish four dedicated dialysis clinics, each offering streamlined, efficient as well as cost-effective kidney care that adheres to Mediclinic’s trusted high clinical standards. 

These clinics are strategically positioned to make expert kidney care more accessible in lower-income areas in the North West, Potchefstroom and Soweto, and others. This is a major development in the future of renal care in South Africa, and a major benefit for those who live with chronic kidney-related illnesses. 

This is a major development in the future of renal care in South Africa, says Brian Prinsloo, Managing Director of BGM Pharmaceuticals, who has steadily revolutionised renal care in South Africa since 2000 – and it fulfills an urgent need in the community. 

“If you look at costs to funders, the reimbursement for dialysis is higher than any other treatment in the private sector,” he explains. “So we asked ourselves, how do we bring that cost down, without cutting corners? Without compromising the standard of our care? How do we make clinical expertise, and the good outcomes that come with it, accessible to everyone who needs it?”

The two main causes of chronic kidney disease are also the two primary chronic health conditions in South Africa: diabetes, and hypertension. Both cause damage to blood vessels, and when that damage occurs in the kidneys, waste products and fluid can build up in your body, with dangerous results. 

Most patients with chronic kidney disease will undergo regular courses of haemodialysis, a treatment that does some of the work that your kidneys did when they were healthy. During treatment, your blood travels through tubes called blood lines from your body into the dialysis machine. While your blood is in the machine, it goes through a filter known as the dialyzer, which removes waste products and extra fluid. Once it has been cleaned, the blood travels through bloodlines back into your body.

Each stage in this process is driven by data. By recording and measuring every patient interaction, doctors and nurses at Mediclinic Renal Services clinics are able to ensure the processes, efficiencies and ultimately patient outcomes seen in these clinics are on par with values seen overseas – raising the clinical standard of renal care in SA to an international benchmark.

Our dialysis centres offer the best in technology and patient care and are designed in such a way as to enhance the patient experience while ensuring social distancing.

Dr Riaan Flooks

Once you have been diagnosed with end stage kidney disease, you will need dialysis for the rest of your life or until you can receive a kidney transplant. A dialysis session lasts four hours and will need to take place two to three times a week – for up to four hours at a time. 

“Our dialysis centres offer the best in technology and patient care and are designed in such a way as to enhance the patient experience while ensuring social distancing,” explains Dr Riaan Flooks, a nephrologist who fulfills the role of Medical Director at Mediclinic Bloemfontein Renal Services. “This relationship that Mediclinic is growing, both on a local and national level, will create an exponential growth in the availability of quality renal services.”

Mediclinic Renal Services dramatically improves that process by offering renal treatment clinics that provide a comfortable and clinically sound level of care, all in one place. Here, patients with chronic kidney disease are brought into an ongoing treatment programme that provides the right treatment at the right time, at the hands of the right specialist, improving outcomes and changing lives. 

Mediclinic Renal Services offers value to patients who need expert, ongoing kidney care. The clinics help minimise costs for patients and ensure an efficient patient journey. This means an improved quality of life for patients with a common, but life-threatening chronic illness. 

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