Dr Etienne Boer and all staff members at Mediclinic Louis Leipoldt who took care of Mr Erwee:

The family and I would like to thank Dr Boer for keeping us updated on Mr Erwee’s condition all the way and explaining to us what was happening to him. Also for his concern and care for him.

To all staff members in ICU, as well as the doctor on duty in ER on the night of 10 December last year, and the doctor on duty who attended to Mr Erwee in ICU – thank you for taking such good care of him every day and night.

It was his choice to go to Mediclinic Louis Leipoldt and this wish was granted with a lot of respect. Thank you to Professional Nurse Phopi Nembahe for the first night (when we stayed at the hospital) for caring and looking after the family too, even though the ward was so busy.

I only have good memories of the special treatment and care that our precious person received. The work you do goes a long way and carries a lot of weight in “wowing” the hospital and staff of ICU.

As I cannot remember all the names, it isn’t possible to thank each and every one, but I can tell the whole world that I know he was taken care of as best as can be, before leaving us for a better place.

It hurts, but he left us “in style”. Please keep up the good work, you all are very special!

Mr Erwee

IT’S 10/10 FROM US!

It’s really in a spirit of excitement, joy and gratitude that I write this letter. I’ve been under the care of Dr Marthinus de Jager, general surgeon at Mediclinic Bloemfontein, for some time.

To cut a long story short, all I really want to say is that the service patients get at  Mediclinic Bloemfontein Day Clinic is world class. From the reception desk to the care you get from the nurses, the service is absolutely superb.

It’s also the cleanest and neatest clinic in which I’ve ever found myself. The COVID-19 regulations were strictly adhered to and the staff make sure you feel comfortable in the waiting room. The anaesthetist puts you at ease and works with you gently.

When you’re wheeled in to theatre, it feels so homely because you get a friendly welcome. That horrible, scary feeling quickly disappears. These people are really prepared to carry out their services with love. They’ll definitely be rewarded for their selflessness – I firmly believe that a life lived for others defines quality of life. It’s in the beautiful, neat and spic-and-span waiting room where strangers become great friends. This is where you can chat quietly and where good, healthy advice is shared. It’s also where we get to feel reassured of having a good overnight.

Many congratulations to the management and staff of this exclusive clinic. May you go from strenth to strength. You’re definitely the curators and guardians of this remarkable trademark. It’s your chance to carry the burning torch of new challenges and success.

Ten out of 10 for Mediclinic Bloemfontein Day Clinic! Joyous greetings

Nols and Antoinette Schoeman


My very first time in theatre and it went very well.

Patrick Lakabane

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