Lualin Felix, Financial Administration Manager at Mediclinic Muelmed, is making the most of the professional development opportunities on offer at Mediclinic.

What brought you to Mediclinic?

As a qualified internal auditor, I left the property division of a big public sector company because I’d hit the ceiling and couldn’t see any further advancement. That’s why I prefer the healthcare sector: By supporting our frontline workers I indirectly get to enhance our patients’ lives; I ensure things run smoothly so staff can be at at their bedsides rather than dealing with a ton of admin.

What was your first position at Mediclinic and what attracted you to your current role?

My initial role as Procurement Manager: Support Service was a very focused position, but I wanted to expose myself to all aspects of the running of a hospital. I found this in my current role, which is more multi-faceted. Apart from hospital procurement, I enjoy being responsible for different areas, such as hospital budget control, financial reporting, staff management, asset and risk management, and support services.

How has Mediclinic helped develop your skills and supported your career growth?

My three previous managers – Dirk Lubbe, Andre Oosthuizen and Johan Stadler, were all mentors. They set me challenges and allowed me to use my initiative to succeed. I’ve improved my ability to manage conflicts, set goals and prioritise competing projects and deadlines. Mediclinic is a non-punitive environment. The focus is on learning from mistakes and asking for guidance.

More than this, the company has given me great learning opportunities to realise my future career aspirations. For example, I’ve taken courses in Negotiation Skills, Contract Management, Financial Management, Facilities Management, Project Management, Microsoft Programming, ISO Auditor & Business and Report Writing – plus, I’ve been able to put an Advanced Diploma in Health Leadership and Management behind my name.

Future professional plans?

This depends on what Hospital General Manager opportunities are available within Mediclinic in the short to medium term. I believe that is my next step, but for now I plan to gain experience in my current role so I’ll be ready as and when an opportunity presents itself.

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