Our people – Meet Enrico Booyse

“I had to sit down for a bit. This was by far the best moment of my life! My normal day consists of helping people but this was amazing – something that I will remember forever.”

Enrico Booyse lived up to the Mediclinic philosophy of putting the patient first when he was alerted that a pregnant woman needed help in the drop-off zone outside the hospital. It was a team effort as some staff members held doors open and made way in the passages, while Enrico rushed mom-to-be Pauline up to the door of the labour ward. In the passageway, a team of nurses, assisted by Enrico, helped safely deliver a beautiful baby girl.

I am valued

“I’ve worked at three hospitals in my career and this is by far the best environment I’ve experienced. I am surrounded by a phenomenal team – people with character and good morals, who work for what’s right.”

I am heard

“We are attached to each other. Healthcare is not always easy. During the pandemic we really came closer together and learned the value of wellbeing. We look out for each other: sometimes, just asking, ‘How are you?’ makes a big difference.”

I am supported

“There is always a smile to be found here. I feel confident and comforted when I come to work. We work hard at our spirit of togetherness; everyone contributes to what really feels like a family culture, every day.”

Enrico Booyse, Courtesy Officer, Mediclinic Panorama


  • Ulene
    3 years ago Reply

    We are so proud to have Enrico as part of our Patient Experience team here at Mediclinic Panorama!

  • Irma Aggenbach
    3 years ago Reply

    Well done Enrico, we are so super lucky to have you

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