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Mediclinic’s renal units offer top-quality professional care.

I’d like to express my gratitude to Mediclinic Sandton and the entire nursing team in the Renal Unit. In a world where people are impulsive and ready to vent complaints, I trust that my compliments will inspire you to continue to excel.

Even though it may appear at times as though your profession is a thankless task, your sacrifice, service and selfless efforts are by far the greatest humanitarian gift. 

What in this world could be more important than our health? Yet you amazing souls go beyond the call of duty to save lives. Amid the gripes and grouses from some thankless patients, may I remind you all that there are those among us who value your professional care. Regardless of how tough or toxic some patients may be, I encourage you to look beyond all negatives. 

I took time to pen this message only to express my gratitude for the excellent professional medical care you gave me. Your professionalism and passion brighten our world. Your presence makes this world a much better place.

Gordon Franks

Michaela van Vuuren recovering at Mediclinic Emfuleni.


To all the nurses at Mediclinic Bloemfontein, and in the Day Clinic specifically: I was your patient in March and June last year, and I have only words of praise for you. 

I entered your unit sick of course, thinking you were too young to care for me properly and wondering if there was anyone of my generation left to help. “Who will care for me?” I thought. “Who will take responsibility for my medication? Who will help me when I vomit, wet myself and need help with washing and dressing?” I felt unsafe.

Then I did vomit… and vomit and vomit for a whole night! And you were there. You never left me. You brought clean buckets. You helped me to rinse my mouth. You wet my facecloth. I was never alone. You called a doctor at night not because I asked, but because you cared. I love you for that.

And then I wet myself and cried from embarrassment. And you were there! You consoled me. You cleaned my bed. You took me to the bathroom and helped me wash and dress. You never left me. I was safe.

You brought my medication and checked with me if it was the doses I took at home. Thank you! I have been taking it so long, I struggle to give it over. Then I knew I could trust you. I salute you, young ones. I thank you for still caring. Florence Nightingale would have been so proud of you. I thank you for respecting me and keeping me safe. Nursing will be safe in your hands.

Miranda Bothma

Big brother Aaron viewing his new baby brother Callum at Mediclinic Louis Leipoldt.

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