Gale Shabangu is Chief Transformation Officer at Mediclinic Southern Africa. She is determined to help transform the business – working hard towards creating a better normal.

Transformation is about being an inclusive business with a diverse workforce, led by a diverse leadership team that serves a diversity of people. We aim to provide a world-class experience for patients, their families, caregivers, and others.

Our success in building a diverse and inclusive workplace will contribute to the successful transformation of our nation and to its future. Mediclinic’s clients come from diverse backgrounds and, for us to maintain our success as a business, we must meet their needs. A workforce that reflects the diversity of our clients allows us to bring different perspectives in understanding and addressing their healthcare needs. Diversity allows us to better serve our clients. – this is at the core of our competitiveness.

Changing and moving a company requires clear intention from above. You need the executive authority to make decisions and implement initiatives across the business. By fulfilling this role at an executive level, I can implement the board’s vision across the business. Sustainable transformation requires long-term vision and drive.

In the context of our transformation agenda, diversity refers to the different races, genders, disability statuses, sexual orientation, and generations in our workplace – and this list is not exhaustive. Inclusion is the glue required to bind together the different types of diversities in our workplace so we can best work together to achieve our business goals and objectives. We can only do that if every person is authentically themselves, feels they belong, and is fully engaged in contributing towards our common goal.

Diversity makes us stronger and more agile. Having different perspectives to solve a challenge lets us develop out-of-the-box solutions. It also means the business encourages new ideas, new perspectives, and new outlooks to spread through the organisation at all levels. In any situation, employees need to be conscious of how their own perspective influences how they show up and behave – just as another individual’s perspective may affect their behaviour.

Transformation is a highly charged topic in South Africa, and we want to normalise talking about it freely and constructively in our workplace. We’ve segmented engagements to ensure we have the right conversations with the right audience/participants.

Leadership engagements – we hold conversations with our leaders on the importance of inclusive leadership so they’re empowered to lead diverse teams effectively.

Focus group engagement – we get together in small discussion groups to reflect deeply and learn about transformation as an experience rather than as a concept.

Engagement with all employees – Mediclinic’s online Diversity and Inclusion Learning Module drives greater understanding across the business; it’s an opportunity for all employees to learn about the concepts of diversity and inclusion. The module facilitates individual reflection on how we each contribute to diversity and inclusion in our workplace.

Through these engagements, we’re creating open and transparent platforms for important conversations. 

Mediclinic has started celebrating Youth Day, Heritage Day, Pride Month, and International Men’s Day, which all highlight how our business already includes people of different backgrounds. The company already offers employees online training, but we’re looking at all areas of the business – from suppliers to specialist practices to training to further understand how best to support diversity and inclusion and enhance growth from a transformation perspective. We have several success stories but there’s always room for more. Mediclinic will continue our efforts to create an inclusive culture in our business. We strive to be an inclusive healthcare provider of choice, an inclusive employer and partner of choice, and a relevant corporate citizen of Southern Africa.

We enjoy telling our Mediclinic employees’ stories.

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