Our patients share their positive experiences in various Mediclinic facilities.


On admission to Mediclinic Panorama for back surgery, I received a warm welcome from the nursing staff. My doctors, neurosurgeon Dr Grant du Plessis, and orthopaedic surgeon Professor Gert Vlok, also popped in to say hello.

Mediclinic Panorama in Cape Town.

Anaesthesiologist Dr Carl Senekal asked many questions about my health and how I reacted to anaesthetics. I told him I always had a bad time once awake; the nausea gets me.

The nurse who oversaw my intake and filled in my questionnaires put me at ease before wheeling me into theatre. 

When I woke up, the nausea was indeed horrible – but nursing staff in the high care unit were so supportive, kind and sympathetic. One of the nurses with a gorgeous singing voice even treated us to a song and hugs for my daughter and her husband. A little bit of love goes a long way. Even the kitchen placed “get well” cards on my tray and the food was delicious – the soups and vetkoek were the best I’ve ever had!

My time in Unit F was also lovely – nursing is a difficult job, and the staff at Mediclinic Panorama are examples to us all – patient, kind and caring.

Elna Coetzer


My daughter Shelby had suffered from undiagnosed falls from a young age and for two-and-a-half years I’d been trying to find out why. When her school recently informed us this was happening more frequently, I phoned Red Cross Children’s Hospital, but not being in the catchment area, we needed a doctor’s referral.

Praise God for GP Dr Koosie Truter, who made a home visit and then moved mountains to get Shelby into Mediclinic Cape Gate. The staff were superb and we’re so grateful for the love and care given to us during her stay.

Shelby at Mediclinic Cape Gate.

My family and others were also on hand to pray with us through a storm that we didn’t see coming.

When Shelby had scans done, the MRI didn’t show anything wrong, but an EEG revealed seizures and she was diagnosed with epilepsy. As a parent, it’s not easy to get results you don’t like to hear, but we are so thankful to the doctors for their diagnosis. The thing is, she’s still here with us and we know it could have been a lot more serious.

Love you Shelby! Thank you for being brave.

Richal Bastiaans

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