I recently had a surgical breast biopsy at Mediclinic Louis Leipoldt in Bellville. I’ve never really had a fear of surgery or medical procedures in the past; my only concern would normally be the nausea and disorientation after the procedure. This is the result of past experiences at other medical facilities. As a result, I was a bit worried about my procedure, but my experience eliminated these fears and worries because of the great service I received. 

I would like to commend the excellent service I received from Dr JA Janssen, a specialist anaesthesiologist at Mediclinic Louis Leipoldt. His level of service, kindness and concern really made the procedure seem so much less scary and worrying. From the start he displayed an excellent level of professionalism, starting with the telephonic consultation the night before surgery, giving last-minute advice on do’s and don’ts, and coming to my unit early the next morning before the procedure to check in and confirm everything in the pre-assessment consultation. All these efforts contributed to giving me a sense of reassurance and a peaceful and serene state of mind. 

Next, came the actual procedure. From the moment I lay down on the theatre bed, Dr Janssen talked me through what they were doing, giving me a step-by-step account until the anaesthetic kicked in. When I woke up, I felt good, with not an ounce of nausea, no disorientation, in good spirits and like my old self again. I specifically wanted to write this letter to highlight the meaningful role Dr Janssen played in this otherwise worrisome procedure, because I feel that most of the time the anaesthesiologist role and function in surgeries is overlooked. We as patients sometimes neglect to see their integral value, and the role they play to ensure things go smoothly. Thank you, Dr Janssen and all the staff members at Mediclinic Louis Leipoldt – including surgeon Dr Reniel de Beer – for your hard work, kindness, efficiency, and compassion.

Carmen Jacobs


It’s with  a sense of gratitude, joy and excitement that I write this letter. I was admitted to Mediclinic Bloemfontein Day Clinic for procedures. When I arrived to register I could feel the warm and welcome reception. Everyone was friendly. The day clinic was terribly busy but each patient gets world-class client service. The clinic is sparkling clean. When you sit down, the seat has already been sanitised. I waited my turn because there were patients in front of me. In the clinic’s reception room all the necessaries were done, such as taking blood pressure, etc. I was placed on the bed and received an intravenous anaesthetic. I hardly felt it. When I arrived in theatre my surgeon was already there and told me what he was going to do. When he finished the procedures, I was taken to the recovery room, and back in the ward I was gently woken up. My husband was then called and we went together to a consulting room where the surgeon told us comprehensively what he’d done. Thank you very, very much, Dr de Jager. Today, after 12 months of hell, I was finally able to drink water easily and eat soft food! I was so, so excited that my husband and I toasted my recovery with a glass of Diemersdal.

Arnoldus Schoeman


I was chatting this morning with the lady at Mediclinic Worcester Day Clinic reception, Anrietta Smit (friendliness personified), telling her that in my business I sometimes can’t understand why people find it so easy to complain but can never compliment someone. It almost seems to me that our society has for some reason become negative, or that the circumstances in which we all find ourselves has made people so miserable. 

I also wanted to thank her personally for the way the hospital runs, the attention that we as patients receive and also to say thank you from my side as a patient/client. The kitchen manager went around to the patients personally to check we were happy with the food. The lady who handles the menu was also friendly and helpful. The cleaners who I came across in the passages at 12am and 1am, working to keep the floors clean, were really friendly. What stood out for me was their pride in their work and the smiles on their faces – that impressed me. Young people working at night in a hospital scrubbing and cleaning who are still able to smile? Could that be true? I must be one of those type of people who likes to say thank you. It costs nothing to give someone a pat on the back. It makes the day of someone doing you a service and they can go home with a good feeling knowing there are people out there who value them. 

The nursing staff, the sisters and doctors on the wards, were outstanding and friendly. I could mention many names but don’t want to single out anyone. I don’t think people outside, even people lying in the hospital, realise the daily stress and pressure under which hospital staff work. The manpower shortage as a result of COVID-19 places so much pressure on them, yet you still get that smile, and that’s what stands out for me. We need to behave with respect towards staff. They work hard and are on their feet literally all day. Everyone at the hospital has to stare an abnormal thing in the face – the heartsore families who visit the ICU daily, the tears, the grieving, the heartache after a loved one has died. That’s what everyone from the top down to the cleaners has to see on a daily basis. They’re also only human, but they have to conceal the heartache and tears until they head home.

Once again, thank you for the impeccable service I received. 

Joe Thysse


I was recently invited to visit Mediclinic Cape Gate on a Monday morning for my second Pfizer vaccination against COVID-19. Firstly, I was impressed as it is conveniently close to home, and secondly, that it was pretty much on time with the date I was supposed to go for my second vaccination. Of course, I quickly contacted my supervisor, who gave permission that I may stay out of work to go for my shot.

On arrival, I could straight away see this is a hospital with a plan. The necessary COVID-19 screening was done, the form completed, and I was advised where to go next. Here I did not have to wait long, and soon I was escorted to the vaccination hall, where friendly staff made copies of my ID and my medical aid card. A few minutes later, and the little jab, which can save so many lives, was administered. I waited my 15 minutes out and decided to treat myself, as a reward, to breakfast at the little coffee shop.

I would just like to congratulate Mediclinic Cape Gate on its efficient service during these very difficult times we live in. I was also very impressed with the way staff clock in when they arrive at work – by scanning their phones with one of those QR codes. This in itself shows Mediclinic cares for its staff.

Once again, thank you for everything. Let us all stay positive and get through these tough times.

Rayno Lourens

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